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Why Study in Canada?

Qualifications from Canadian study programs are highly respected around the world
Canada has high academic standards. This will ensure that you will be earning a high-quality education experience. It will provide introductions and open many doors to an excellent future and career advancement. A Canadian degree, diploma, or certificate is highly respected around the world and often recognized as equivalent to programs in the United States and countries in the Commonwealth.
Studying in Canada is Affordable
The quality of an education experience and the standard of living in Canada are among the highest in the world. Yet best of all, tuition fees for international students are lower in Canada than in many other countries such as the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. For these reasons, a study in Canada project is the preferred choice for students attending post-secondary education at the college or university levels.
Canada is known as a multicultural society
With so many of the world’s ethnic groups fully represented in Canada, everyone can feel right at home in Canada. Canada’s rich cultural heritage provides the widest choices of ethnic foods and recreational activities.
Canada provides numerous safe and secure communities to live and study
Canada continues to rank among the highest in related United Nations surveys. And Canada has 3 cities (Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto) among the world’s most liveable according to The Economist’s Annual surveys. As a Canadian temporary resident and while you study in Canada, you can enjoy many of the same rights, freedoms, and privileges that protect all Canadians. This is the hallmark of what makes Canada such a stable and peaceful society.
Canadian schools offer an exciting campus lifestyle
Campus Lifestyle is an important consideration for many international students and Canada does not disappoint. Campuses across the country feature the latest in technology with wireless hotspots throughout enabling a rich experience featuring an online interactive learning experience. Campus facilities often include Olympic-calibre sports facilities, concert halls, student-managed government, radio, newspapers, and on-campus businesses within an expansive infrastructure. Canadian universities and colleges typically feature the best mix of an academic and leisure lifestyle in an environment that facilitates immeasurable opportunities to meet students from a varied international student microcosm.
Canadian institutions are innovative and offer an abundance of research opportunities
Canada’s many universities and colleges are leaders in research one of the hallmarks of a Canadian post-secondary education experience. With a study in Canada experience you can become a part of this important part of the Canada study landscape. In Canada, government and industry often collaborate together to support a myriad of research projects in the medical sciences, computer technology, telecommunications, agricultural sciences and environmental sciences.
Canadian government policy offers many immigration programs for permanent residence after a period of study in Canada
Current government policy caters to a growing pool of international students with strong ties to Canada, including Canadian study credentials and Canada based work experience. Qualified students on a study permit are encouraged to apply for Canadian permanent residence under various Federal or Provincial immigration programs without ever having to leave Canada.

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